ZeroBounce + PrestaShop

ZeroBounce for eCommerce - PrestaShop email verification

ZeroBounce now provides its industry-leading email verification for PrestaShop and all of your online stores on the platform. Identify and instantly block invalid and high-risk email addresses during registration and checkout without additional action.

Low-quality emails slow down your email marketing momentum. They lead to high email bounce rates, low open and click rates, and a lousy sender reputation. Start using PrestaShop email validation today to boost your email marketing revenue.

ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration - key features

Using ZeroBounce for eCommerce is the best way to eliminate fake emails from your store transactions.

With PrestaShop email validation, your company benefits from the following:

  • A clean email marketing list (no invalid or high-risk email addresses)
  • An email bounce rate of 2% or lower - guaranteed
  • Increased email deliverability and engagement
  • A stronger sender reputation for your eCommerce domain

The ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration achieves this by verifying customer-entered email addresses in real time. We stop unwanted emails (invalid, disposable, spam traps, etc.) when we detect them.

The ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration automatically blocks unwanted email addresses

With PrestaShop email verification, you’ll also enjoy

  • Usage charts - track your monthly email verification and credit usage
  • Email validation logs - see every email source, entry date, and response from ZeroBounce
  • Manual validation tests - Unsure about a specific email? Run a manual test in PrestaShop to verify your results

Plus - more features and innovations are to be added soon!

Getting started with PrestaShop email validation

Installing the ZeroBounce PrestaShop is beginner-friendly and achievable for all users.

  1. Start now by downloading email verification for PrestaShop with the official ZeroBounce module.
  2. Upload the module to your PrestaShop back office Module Manager.
  3. Enter your API key into your new ZeroBounce module settings. Your API key is under “API” in your ZeroBounce dashboard.

Then, select which emails you want to accept and which to block - and you’re all set! The ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration is free to download and install, making it convenient for you to set up and try today.

Our comprehensive documentation is always available for more help installing and configuring the ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration.


Ways to use email validation for PrestaShop

The ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration offers several ways to monitor and track your customer’s entered email data.

Control which email addresses pass sign-up checks

This new module gives you the power to choose which email addresses you want on your email list.

For best results, ZeroBounce recommends only allowing “valid” email addresses. But you can also allow “catch-all” emails to further qualify them later using our advanced AI Scoring. Following best practices will enable you to achieve an email bounce rate of 2% or lower.

Update your email verification pass rules at any time. You’re in control.

Assist customers with manual email validation checks

Received a customer support request regarding their email?

Use the manual validation feature in the ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration to check any email anytime. You can also check your email verification logs to identify the email source and ZeroBounce’s response.

Our integration provides the data you need to stay informed about your eCommerce store.

Identify possible spammers and bad actors

Check your logs regularly and spot potentially harmful emails looking to make their way to your email list. Spot low-quality emails and take action to protect your domain security appropriately.

Use email verification data to improve content and security

Some email types, like disposable emails, are seen more frequently by customers distrusting a brand’s security.

Check your PrestaShop email validation logs to stay up-to-date with what kind of emails are used during registration and checkout. You can make intelligent changes to your website and eCommerce shop by determining whether your customers use valid email addresses or ones harmful to your email marketing.

Download the ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration now

Get started with PrestaShop email verification today. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Download the module from the PrestaShop Add-Ons Marketplace
  • A ZeroBounce account

Don’t have one?

Sign up today for free, and enjoy 100 free email verifications (replenished monthly). Try out the integration without any purchase!

By using ZeroBounce for eCommerce, you’re on your way to zero bounces.

Need help setting up the ZeroBounce PrestaShop integration? Reach out to our support team - available 24/7.