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November, 2023

GURU 2023

Mastering Email Deliverability: How to Stop High-Risk Emails in Real Time

The on-demand recording for this event will be made available soon. Stay tuned!

November, 2023

ZeroBounce x Campaigner

Elevate Your Email Marketing ROI

Email marketing is a complex, ever-changing industry. That’s why you need a foundation of reliable tools to help you build email deliverability from the start.

Learn more about ZeroBounce and Campaigner’s partnership and how our platforms make you the hero and elevate your email marketing ROI.

October, 2023

MarketingProfs B2B Forum

High-Risk Emails and Bounces: How Top Brands Block Bad Leads with Zero Effort

Email bounces are killing your email marketing performance. The culprit? Invalid and high-risk emails.

Learn how to regain control of your email marketing and eliminate bad leads with zero effort.

September 2023

ZeroBounce x Litmus

Plan, Purge, Preview: The 3P Flow to Higher Email ROI

Fed up with lousy email marketing ROI? Hear from the email marketing experts at ZeroBounce and Litmus and learn how to plan campaigns that engage and convert.

September, 2023

Litmus On Demand 2023

Block Bad Emails without Being an Email Marketing Expert

Invalid emails, abuse accounts, spam traps… they’re on every list. But, it doesn’t take an expert to keep them at bay.

Discover how the top brands automatically block bad email leads, so you can, too.

August 2023

Do This, NOT That Podcast for Marketers Only

Landing in the Spam Folder? This Could Be Why…

ZeroBounce COO Brian Minick joins marketing guru Jay Schwedelson for the “Do This, NOT That” podcast!

Learn why email validation is key to staying out of spam, and other next-level strategies for segmenting lists and improving email performance.

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