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Considering MillionVerifier’s email verification to help you clean emails?

Check out our in-depth comparison guide to help you determine the value of ZeroBounce over MillionVerifier. This includes a look at accuracy, speed, the types of emails you can identify, and the email deliverability features each platform offers you.

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Comparing ZeroBounce and MillionVerifier

Even just a few invalid emails will increase your email bounce rate and worsen your email deliverability. To get the best email marketing results possible, you need an email verifier you can depend on regularly.

MillionVerifier is a platform that offers a single email checker, bulk email validation and a real-time email verifier via their API. Their service leans exclusively on checking emails.

ZeroBounce offers the same features, including all the various email verification methods MillionVerifier offers. However, they offer more strategic tools and advantages that will help boost your email deliverability and email marketing performance.

Compared to MillionVerifier, ZeroBounce offers

  • More in-depth email verification that identifies 30+ email types
  • Email deliverability testing tools (including inbox and server testing)
  • Email reputation monitoring tools
  • Email audience scoring and insights
  • Free testing tools

Let’s look at everything ZeroBounce offers above compared to its competitors.

What types of emails does MillionVerifier identify?

MillionVerifier’s email verification system can detect many of the same emails that ZeroBounce can.

Types of Emails MillionVerifier Identifies






In addition to this, they do not charge credits for any unknown results and will automatically remove any duplicate emails from your email list.

ZeroBounce detects more risky emails to protect your sender reputation

ZeroBounce’s email verifier significantly outperforms MillionVerifier by detecting more than 30 types of email statuses and sub-statuses. They’ll provide you with a clean email list and give you insights and descriptive data you need to make informed decisions about your email marketing.

Types of Emails ZeroBounce Identifies









You can check out the complete list of detectable email statuses in their documentation.

Like MillionVerifier, ZeroBounce will never charge you for an unknown result and offers free deduplication for your email list. No need to worry about verifying the same address or emailing the same subscriber twice.

ZeroBounce provides missing email data

A clean email list is invaluable for email marketing, but gaining more data about your subscribers allows you to make smarter decisions for your campaigns.

MillionVerifier simply verifies the status of your emails. You select the email types you want to detect and get your report.

ZeroBounce enhances your email list cleaning report by appending essential data points when possible regarding each contact. This provides email data, including domain, subdomain, IP, and mx exchange information.

But, ZeroBounce also appends vital social data, including the user’s name, location, and gender, when available.

You can use this data to assist with your email list segmentation after you find out which email contacts are valid. Segmenting a list with the right data points will help you improve your performance and boost your email marketing ROI.

MillionVerifier vs. ZeroBounce - Which is more accurate?

Your brand’s email cleaner is only as good as it is accurate.

  • MilionVerifier - 99% accuracy guarantee
  • ZeroBounce - 99% accuracy guarantee

MillionVerifier and ZeroBounce can provide 99% accurate results using the single email checker, bulk email list verification, or the automated email verification API. Regarding reliability, both brands promise to live up to their promise regarding what they can identify.

However, ZeroBounce’s promise extends to all those additional email types that MillionVerifier will not detect. ZeroBounce’s guarantee also allows you to successfully identify hard-to-detect email types like spam traps and abuse emails.

MillionVerifier backs up its 99% accuracy with a money-back guarantee. However, they falsely report that they’re the only brand offering such a promise.

ZeroBounce also offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. ZeroBounce aims to help improve your email deliverability and achieve a safe email bounce rate of 2% or lower, not the 4% MillionVerifier suggests on their website.

MillionVerifier lacks an email deliverability toolkit

A clean email list protects your email campaigns and sender reputation. However, valid emails aren’t an automatic pathway to success; other factors can impact your email deliverability.

That’s why ZeroBounce also provides users with an extensive email deliverability toolkit to help them identify issues with your email content or server configuration.

ZeroBounce helps you find the inbox before you click send

After you obtain your clean emails with ZeroBounce, you can test future email content with the inbox placement tester.

This email deliverability tool allows you to test different email content, subject lines, and more and see the result before clicking send. If you receive a bounce or hit spam, you can use the feedback to identify and resolve issues before you launch your real campaign.

ZeroBounce makes email server configuration simple

Email server problems can be a headache, and they can also cause unnecessary email bounces.

ZeroBounce users can take advantage of the platform’s email server tester by running more than 100 tests to diagnose any server or DNS issues that negatively impact your email deliverability.

MillionVerifier offers limited catch-all email insights

MillionVerifier, like many email verifiers, can only identify a catch-all or accept-all email domain.

Brands use these emails to cast a wide net and catch incoming emails sent to invalid users on their domain. Someone can then trash unwanted messages and redirect others to the ideal point of contact.

Many email verifiers like MillionVerifier only tag these emails as risky and recommend them for deletion. While this is generally sound advice to help your email engagement, it’s not always accurate. You need a better solution to understand how valuable a catch-all email might be.

ZeroBounce offers additional Email Scoring. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it detects activity levels of an email address, with 0 representing low or unknown engagement and 10 indicating high levels of inbox activity.

This insight lets your company make more informed decisions about which emails to keep and which to delete. Remember, every email lead you obtain has a cost, and depending on your average bounce rate, it can be worth pursuing a catch-all to net a potential conversion.

In email marketing, more data is imperative. ZeroBounce gives you the most in-depth insights possible to help you improve your campaign performance.

MillionVerifier limits its customer support

Anytime you choose a technical solution for your company, you must know it’s reliable. Even with an excellent platform, user issues can pop up. If you have an important deadline, you must know that help can be there quickly.

MillionVerifier only offers potential support via a live chat prompt on their site. You must enter an email address and wait for someone to respond later.

We tried it for you.

The average response time was six minutes, but we waited more than 20 minutes without support.

There’s no phone number to call or email to message as an alternative.

ZeroBounce is known for its 5-star customer service. They have a live chat available 24/7, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. You can expect a response in less than a minute from one of their knowledgeable email geeks in less than a minute.

If you prefer phone or email, call the toll-free number or email our support anytime. You’ll always have help on your side.

MillionVerifier integrates with fewer platforms

Currently, MillionVerifier only highlights 14 email and CRM platforms you can use for integration. These allow you to use their email verifier within those third-party platforms.

ZeroBounce provides methods to integrate their email cleaner with 40+ sales, CRM, and email service providers. This list includes official integrations with globally-renowned platforms like Salesforce, AWeber, and Mailchimp, third-party integrations, and additional integrations via your Zapier account.

No matter what platforms you love to use, there’s a way to clean your emails with ZeroBounce.

Only ZeroBounce offers a mobile email verifier

MillionVerifier, like other competitors, only offers its tools and features via the desktop experience.

ZeroBounce knows that the world is fast-paced. With that, you need accessible, convenient tools no matter where you go. With the mobile app, you can clean your email lists, configure your account, manage deliverability, and more.

The mobile app is available for everyone, including free ZeroBounce account owners. Everyone can get clean email no matter what device they own or what they choose to spend.

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ZeroBounce provides better email deliverability

MillionVerifier can only detect a few email types. ZeroBounce provides a clean email list, detects more than 30 types of emails, scores their engagement levels, and helps you boost your performance. We also monitor your sender reputation and provide you with tools to test your email delivery.

We’re serious about security and your privacy

MillionVerifier is GDPR compliant, but that only scratches the surface of the data security you deserve.

With ZeroBounce, your data’s security is everything to us. We offer the world’s most accurate email validation system and support you with military-grade security and data encryption.

ZeroBounce is GDPR, SOC 2, and PCI compliant. We also partner with some of the best cybersecurity partners in the world for penetration testing, risk assessment, and providing the best cybersecurity solutions possible.

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • SOC 2
    Type II

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Data Privacy Framework (DPF)

  • CCPA Compliant

Frequently asked questions

No. MillionVerifier offers email verification services. By comparison, ZeroBounce offers email verification, inbox placement testing, email server testing, and blacklist monitoring.

ZeroBounce offers a complete email verification and email deliverability platform, including 99% accurate verification and email server testing. You can also score your emails by activity levels and gain additional insights about your subscribers.

Email list cleaning services help eliminate invalid and high-risk emails from your email database. These problematic email addresses lead to high bounce rates and low engagement, preventing email marketing success.

MillionVerifier offers 14 integrations, including Mailchimp and Sendinblue. ZeroBounce provides over 40 official and third-party integrations for popular platforms like Salesforce, AWeber, Mailchimp, and more.