ZeroBounce + OpenCart

3rd Party ZeroBounce Email Verification plugin for OpenCart

Email Validation with ZeroBounce

If OpenCart is your online store management system, we’ve got just the right tool to make it even better!
Adding the ZeroBounce email checker API to your OpenCart e-commerce platform ensures you’re working only with real customers. The email checker won’t allow any bots or risky email addresses to join your list, thus helping you communicate safely.
Also, once you integrate the email checker into your OpenCart workflows, you’ll improve your sender reputation and the deliverability of your marketing emails.

Here are the main features you get access to when you use the ZeroBounce email checker API:

  • Email format validation.
  • Validate if customer email account exists - before they've filled in the registration form.
  • Block certain domains – such as or
  • Ensure the email validation is non-obtrusive with time limits - If an email address is taking too long to validate, simply allow it to pass.
  • Performance email validation with API caching - Saves you credits, if people attempt to enter the same bad email address multiple times.
  • Email Alert if credits are becoming low - take action before they run out.
  • Debug option to help diagnose any issues.