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Are fake or invalid email addresses causing you to lose money?

Nearly 69% of businesses invest time and money on email marketing.1 It’s easy to see why: The return on investment for email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent.2 That’s a 3,500% return.

That profitability, however, can only be realized if your emails actually get delivered, let alone read. Unfortunately, studies show nearly 16% of all emails go missing or get caught by spam filters.

Why so many emails wind up lost or in spam

Some of these emails may truly be spam — and the email recipient marks it as such.

Other times, hardworking marketers, like yourself, might have purchased an email list that — unknowing to them — contained spam traps (fake emails used to catch spammers).

Many email lists available for purchase are compiled by taking email addresses found on the web. That means a real person never opted in to hear from you.

Internet service providers and blacklist providers seek to prevent spammers from committing fraud. They put fake email addresses in publicly accessible digital spaces (like blogs and forums) to catch and block spammers.

Unfortunately, that means — if you purchased a list with a spam trap in it — your emails could eventually get routed directly to spam or blocked entirely.

Other times, your email list may simply be outdated. People get married and change their last name in their email address. Or they switch jobs and their email address becomes invalid.

They may have even intentionally spelled their email wrong to get the freebie you were offering, but not the emails that come with it.

As a result, the email your team spent valuable time creating never reached an actual inbox — or person.

How ZeroBounce’s free email list verifier can help

Every email you send costs money.

Email service providers typically charge by the number of emails in your list. If your emails go undelivered, unopened or to spam, your ROI diminishes.

ZeroBounce’s free email list verifier allows you to:
  • Clean up your current list in bulk. Already have an email list? Validate up to 100 email addresses every month — no credit card required.
  • Check new email addresses as you go. Verify email addresses as you get them to ensure they’re valid so you reach a real person every time.
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Bulk, real-time, or manual email verifier – which one is the best for me?

As email marketing is expanding every year, email verification has become an essential practice for businesses worldwide. At ZeroBounce, we serve more than 60,000 customers – brands and independent business owners who understand how important it is to reach their subscribers’ inboxes.

A free, helpful tool to check email addresses anytime you’d like

Here are some instances when this tool will be useful:

  • You use email for marketing purposes but have never cleaned your list. In fact, you’re not familiar with email verification at all. Which service should you choose? What is it supposed to do? Give our validator a try, you’ll love it. If you have trouble interpreting your results, reach out. Our team is available 24/7!
  • You’ve just started your email list and don’t have many subscribers. Maybe your marketing budget isn’t exactly generous. No worries, you can still keep a neat list: the free email verifier lets you check every new address manually and make sure it’s valid.
  • You work in sales and have just found a great prospect. Cold emailing can be effective, but first, you have to make sure you’ve got the right email address. Just type it into the form above, and ZeroBounce will tell you whether you’re good to go or still need to do some digging.
  • You’re a Public Relations pro whose work revolves around pitching journalists and editors. Building your list of contacts is an ongoing goal – but are all those email addresses valid? Before you add them to your database, check them here. This way, you know your pitch is going to reach a real human being and you increase your chances of getting a response.
  • Your email list grows at a slow pace – perhaps you get a new subscriber every other week. Once you see someone signing up for your emails, you can use our free email verifier to check their address. Thus you’ll know whether it’s valid and safe to use, or it’s a spam, abuse, or temporary email.

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Benefits of ZeroBounce’s email list verifier

You can’t afford to have your emails sent to spam or blocked, jeopardizing your sender reputation. Whether you stick with this free email verifier tool or make the most of our system by checking your entire email list in bulk, a working list of current contacts is critical to the success of your marketing efforts.

Some of the benefits of cleaning up your list include:

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Improve your bounce rate

Weed out invalid emails from your list with our bulk email verification system. It also removes temporary addresses that will otherwise bounce. What’s more, the ZeroBounce API prevents these bad emails from getting into your database in the first place. Reduce bounces and avoid emailing invalid addresses, in one swift motion.

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Fewer spam complaints

ZeroBounce finds and separates abuse emails from your database. Abuse emails belong to people who often flag messages as “spam,” which can hinder your inbox placement. If you use our API, you can stop abuse emails in their tracks and avoid the risk of spam complaints.

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Stronger sender reputation

Your sender reputation impacts your email deliverability and email marketing performance. By removing bounces, spam traps and other risky emails, ZeroBounce improves your reputation and helps you stay in good standing.

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Better engagement

Open and click-through rates are essential to your email marketing and sales outreach. Improve deliverability and boost engagement with our free email verifier tool. Once your emails are verified, open rates and click-through rates often see a boost, which means higher conversions.

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Advanced subscriber insights

ZeroBounce is more than an email verification service. Apart from pruning your list, it adds useful information to it. Learn your subscribers’ name, gender and location (where available) and segment your list for laser-focused campaigns. This feature is included in your service — no extra charge!

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Remove duplicate emails

Another great (and free) feature you get to enjoy when cleaning your list in bulk with us is the removal of duplicate email addresses. This saves you money as you won’t be paying your email service provider to email the same person twice. Also, it protects your sender reputation by reducing the risk of spam complaints.

Who uses ZeroBounce’s email verifier?

At ZeroBounce, we serve more than 185,000 customers, made up of brands and businesses of all sizes. Like you, they rely on email to engage with prospects and customers. Valid email addresses are essential to getting your message to the right place.

Every email represents an investment of time, talent and money. Copywriters work tirelessly to craft the right message. Graphic designers develop eye-catching designs that inspire action. Marketers deploy strategies to reach the right people. None of those efforts mean anything if the email is undeliverable or sent to spam.

Proactively verifying your email list supports your team’s success. Your messages get delivered to real email addresses — and real people. And those people can turn into real leads and loyal customers.

Here are some ways professionals use our free email verifier tool:

  • Proof of concept. Email verification technology only improves your email list if it’s accurate. ZeroBounce guarantees 98%+ accurate results. If you’re evaluating email verification services, use our free email checker to get a glimpse into how we can help you achieve your goals.
  • Grow your small business. Entrepreneurs rely on connections. Check each email’s validity as you grow. It’s the best way to ensure every email address belongs to a real potential lead — without spending big bucks.
  • Double-check emails for sales prospecting. You found the perfect prospect on LinkedIn. Is the email address listed in their profile still valid? Type it into the free email verifier tool at the top of the page, and ZeroBounce will tell you whether you’re good to go or need to keep searching.
  • Keep an active list of editors. A public relations pro has no greater ally than their digital rolodex. Is your current email list of editors valid? Before you add them to your database, check them on our free email verifier tool. Now, you’ll know your pitch was sent to a real human being — and you increase your odds of hearing back.

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All ZeroBounce accounts (free and paid) also gain access to a unique API key.

Using ZeroBounce’s real-time email verification API, you can:

  • Prevent bad emails from getting on your list in the first place.
  • Reduce bounces and avoid emailing invalid addresses.
  • Stop abuse emails (email recipients who are likely to label your emails as spam) and avoid the risk of spam complaints.