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ZeroBounce + SalesForce

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SalesForce Zapier Integration

SalesForce is the most popular enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) platform on the market. With three free upgrades a year, SalesForce helps you find the fastest and safest way to grow your business.
When you add our email validator API to the already powerful Salesforce features, you know you’re on the right path with your CRM. The ZeroBounce API – now available in Salesforce via Zapier – ensures you collect only the most valuable data about your customers.
Start using the ZeroBounce – Salesforce integration today to avoid bounces and secure your place in your customers’ inboxes. The email validator API is a reliable method to prevent fake, abuse, disposable and catch-all emails from spoiling your email list.
Learn more by clicking the "Use this Zap" button on the header or by clicking here. to find more details about Salesforce
Need a ZeroBounce account? Create one for free by clicking on the button below. Once you set up your account, we’ll replenish it every month with 100 free email validation credits.
Use this Zap


New LeadTriggers when a new lead is created.
New Custom ObjectTriggers when a new custom object (of the type you choose) is created.
New ContactTriggers when a new contact is created.
New OpportunityTriggers when a new opportunity is created.
New CaseTriggers when a new case is created.
New AccountTriggers when a new account is created.
New TaskTriggers when a new task is created.
New CampaignTriggers when a new campaign is created.
New Custom Object TypeTriggers when you add a new type of custom object to Salesforce. Typically you want to use the "New Custom Object" trigger, not this.
New NoteTriggers when a new note is created.
Updated OpportunityTriggers when an opportunity is updated.
New Outbound MessageTriggered when a new Outbound Message is received.
Closed OpportunityTriggers when an opportunity is closed.
New FolderTriggers when a new folder is created.
New EventTriggers when a new event is created.


Create LeadCreate a new lead.
Add a Lead to a CampaignAdd a lead to a campaign.
Create Custom ObjectCreate a new custom object (of the type you choose).
Add a Contact to a CampaignAdd a contact to a campaign.
Create ContactCreate a new contact.
Validate EmailValidates an email.
Create CaseCreate a new case.
Create AccountCreate a new account.
Create TaskCreate a new task.
Create CampaignCreate a new campaign.
Create NoteCreate a new note.
Update OpportunityUpdate an existing opportunity.
Create Case CommentCreate a new comment on a case.
Update ContactUpdate an existing contact.
Update Custom ObjectUpdate an existing custom object (of the type you choose).
Update LeadUpdate an existing lead.
Create DocumentCreate a new document.
Create OpportunityCreate a new opportunity.
Create EventCreate a new event.
Create AttachmentCreate a new attachment (max 25MB).