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Do you use MailerLite for your email marketing automation?

Try the free ZeroBounce MailerLite integration and improve MailerLite campaigns with almost zero effort. The MailerLite email verifier will reduce bounce rates, eliminate MailerLite email delivery issues, and boost your email engagement.

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ZeroBounce MailerLite integration features

Start with MailerLite email list cleaning today, and get access to the following features:

Verify emails on MailerLite in bulk

ZeroBounce provides bulk email verification services for all of your MailerLite email lists. Your ZeroBounce dashboard automatically detects any lists on your account and automatically imports any email addresses you want to clean.

Identify 30+ email types, including spam trap detection

The ZeroBounce MailerLite integration grants access to a 99% accurate email verifier with the ability to detect 30+ email statuses and sub-statuses.

Your new MailerLite email verifier provides superior email validity detection for more email types, including

See the complete list of possible email statuses ->

99% accurate abuse email checker

ZeroBounce also checks for abuse email addresses with industry-leading accuracy. The MailerLite email validation tools check for these known spam complainers so that you can remove them from your email lists.

You can increase your MailerLite email delivery rate with fewer spam complaints and mitigate potential email delivery issues.

Email Scoring included with MailerLite email validation

The ZeroBounce MailerLite integration also provides the Email Scoring service.

After you check your email validity, you can choose email lists for in-depth scoring. This service uses AI to provide more in-depth insights about your subscribers so that you can better segment and target for improved campaign performance.

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*MailerLite and ZeroBounce accounts required

Benefits of MailerLite email validation

Reduce bounce rates for MailerLite emails

With email cleaning for MailerLite, you’ll rapidly reduce email bounce rates across all campaigns. ZeroBounce identifies any invalid and high-risk emails with 99% accuracy, leaving you with quality email leads.

With real, valid subscribers on your list, your bounce rate will stay below 2% and keep you in good standing with internet service providers.

Increase MailerLite email delivery rate

If MailerLite email delivery issues are a hassle for you, you can drastically improve your email delivery rate by cleaning your list.

Invalid emails are the primary cause of email bounces and email deliverability issues. The more you struggle to deliver emails, the worse your email deliverability will be (it’s a cyclical issue).

Enable the ZeroBounce MailerLite integration, clean your lists, and watch your delivery rate improve rapidly.

Improve MailerLite campaigns with Email Scoring

With improved delivery rates, it’s time to make those emails convert.

The ZeroBounce MailerLite integration also provides email scoring, giving you a 0-10 quality score for every email address on your list. A score of 10 is awarded to highly active subscribers who open, click, and forward emails, while 1 is a highly inactive subscriber (0 simply means “unknown”).

How to set up the ZeroBounce MailerLite integration

To get started with the MailerLite email verifier, you’ll need a MailerLite account with permission to access your email lists.

As with our official integrations, you can set up the integration in three easy steps:

1. From your ZeroBounce account, visit the Integrations page. Click the MailerLite integration.

2. Enter your MailerLite API key when prompted.

3. With MailerLite successfully connected to ZeroBounce, select an email list to validate or score.

That’s it! Then, just download your clean list to upload fresh to your MailerLite account.

Check out the official documentation below for more information about setting up the ZeroBounce MailerLite integration or obtaining your MailerLite API key.

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Best practices for using MailerLite email verification

To maximize the benefits of the integration and to improve MailerLite campaigns, stick to these best practices:

  • Upload email lists for cleaning at least once every three months - Emails decay by nearly 23% annually (or almost 6% per quarter). Make MailerLite email list cleaning a regular habit, and check new email addresses as they’re added.
  • Eliminate high-risk emails like abuse emails - ZeroBounce email verification detects more than invalid emails. Though abuse emails are technically valid, it’s up to you to decide if emailing them is worth the risk of a spam complaint.
  • Use appended data and scoring for segmentation - Our MailerLite email validation will append additional data to your email addresses when possible, including names, gender, domain, and geolocation. You can also score your lists to better understand if an inbox is still in use. The more you know about your contacts, the better your campaign performance will be.

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*MailerLite and ZeroBounce accounts required