Elevate Your Email Marketing ROI

Recorded: November, 2023 - ZeroBounce x Campaigner Zoom Webinar

Speakers: Anne Ghaltchi, ZeroBounce CMO; Kevin Vaudry, Director of Sales & Marketing for Campaigner

Successful email marketing requires a mix of good habits, planning, creative, and the right tools. Enter ZeroBounce and Campaigner, two platforms partnering for your email marketing success.

Join Anne Ghaltchi, CMO of ZeroBounce, and Kevin Vaudry, Director of Sales and Marketing for Campaigner, to learn more about our partnership, our platforms, and how they set you up for driving higher email ROI.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How and why email deliverability is key to email marketing performance
  • Timeless tactics for building beautiful emails and finding the right audience
  • How ZeroBounce and Campaigner provide every email resource you need to elevate your email marketing ROI

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