Clean your email addresses for free with ZeroBounce.

Using our free email verifier, you can:

Check new emails as you go.

Maybe someone submitted a contact form on your site and you want to ensure the email address isn’t spam. Use our free email verifier to check emails as you go — and practice great email hygiene from the start.

Validate a batch of email addresses (up to 100 emails monthly).

Upload a batch of up to 100 email addresses and we’ll verify them. We’ll also tell you if they’re toxic (bot-created, spam or abuse email addresses) or disposable (temporary email addresses that will eventually expire and bounce). When available, we’ll also share the name, gender and location of the email holder, which is key for creating personalized content.

Clean your email list for free to improve email performance:

Improved bounce rate:

Weed out invalid emails from your list with our bulk email verifier. It also removes temporary email addresses, which will eventually bounce.

Fewer spam complaints:

Separate out abuse emails from your database. Abuse email addresses belong to people who are known to flag messages as “spam,” which can hurt inbox placement.

Improved email hygiene and sender reputation:

Your sender reputation is like the credit score for your email address. Use our email verifier to remove “bad” email addresses from your contact list, which can help you stay in good standing.

Better engagement:

You want people to see, open and act when they receive your emails. Before that can occur, the email has to be delivered. Use our free email verifier to validate the email addresses on your list, which improves email deliverability. This can also help boost open rates, click-through rates and conversions.

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