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ZeroBounce Email Finder discovers genuine email addresses and connects you with the contacts your business needs to grow. Leverage the email address lookup tool that guarantees a valid address. We help keep your lists clean by keeping your email address search focused on real professionals and prospects. Eliminate the guesswork, protect your sender reputation and reach your targets successfully.

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Find email addresses in three easy steps

1. Provide a Name

Email search by name to make new connections. The email finder uses the name to generate potential email patterns.

2. Enter a Domain

Our email finder software requires a domain name to perform the email address search. Companies often use their name as their domain, making it ideal for your search.

3. Get Validated Results

We look for primary and role-based patterns. Then, we attempt to validate the address. If unsuccessful, our email-finding tool tries new addresses until it finds a valid result if one is available.

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Find email addresses in bulk

Our email lookup service makes finding a list of new, valid email addresses easy thanks to our bulk upload feature. Compile a list of domains and names to upload as a single file. If we cannot detect the name or domain values automatically, you can map each as necessary to ensure the best results.

After uploading your list, our system begins the process of finding email addresses in bulk. We identify both primary and secondary patterns for email addresses used by each domain. The email finder then uses the person’s name with the possible patterns to determine their actual contact information.

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Identify established domain patterns

Know the name of a contact at a business, but don’t want to risk the bounce on an unknown address?

The ZeroBounce email finder easily identifies established domain patterns used by any company. Here’s how it works:

Then, you can confidently plug in the names of your professional contacts by following the domain pattern.

Email finder’s domain pattern functionality is a boon to anyone in any industry. Clients in sales development, B2B lead provision, journalism, PR, and countless others use email finder to reach new people without jeopardizing their email reputation.

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Identify new connections in any industry

No matter your industry, you need a reliable way to reach your contacts.

ZeroBounce offers the best free email lookup tool to make new connections. Researching and validating new emails will forever change your cold email outreach performance in sales, PR, journalism, real estate, or other industries. Where other email finders provide potential emails with a confidence score, we protect you from bounces by providing you with actual emails for real people.

Give your company the advantage it needs to boost your prospecting game. Start by signing up for your free ZeroBounce account today, and try Email Finder with five free monthly queries!

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Your privacy and security matters at ZeroBounce

Though the Email Finder sources public databases for new connections, we comply with international data protection laws. Email address searches at ZeroBounce provide ethically-sourced data that we validate for better email list hygiene.

ZeroBounce is CCPA, GDPR and DPDP compliant. We value your privacy and security, and our safety coverage extends to every ZeroBounce tool.

  • ZeroBounce is now SOC 2 Compliant

    SOC 2 Compliant

  • ZeroBounce is SOC 2 Type II Compliant

    SOC 2 Type II Compliant

  • ZeroBounce is now ISO 27001 Certified

    ISO 27001 Certified

  • ZeroBounce is CCPA Compliant

    CCPA Compliant

  • ZeroBounce is GDPR Compliant

    GDPR Compliant

  • ZeroBounce uses Privacy Sheild Framework

    Privacy Shield

Various men and women working, shopping, and traveling that benefit from finding others using the email finder

Search for professional connections anywhere with the Email Finder API

Take our email lookup technology everywhere, thanks to our intuitive API integration. Plug ZeroBounce Email Finder into your website or landing pages and search for valid email addresses on your chosen platform.


Discover the pattern of email addresses used by a particular domain or company. After integrating the API, you can input the name and domain to identify all possible patterns associated with that domain.


Look for email addresses based on the established email patterns our email finder identifies. The ZeroBounce API allows you to test new patterns until our servers return a valid result. You won't use your credits or queries if there isn’t enough data to find an address.

Visit the API Docs
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Valid email finder results at unmatchable rates

Your ZeroBounce credits are valid for all tools, including email finder queries, email validation, inbox placement tests and email server testing. Account owners enjoy 100 free monthly credits, and you can add more to your account anytime.

With ZeroBounce Email Finder, life is simple. Find new contacts and a valid address all with one easy-to-use tool.

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Making new email connections is easy with ZeroBounce

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  • *20 credits per valid email result via Email Finder
  • **1 credit per spam trap, suppression result, or catch-all domain
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