• How can I buy email verification and scoring credits?

  • You can buy credits here: https://www.zerobounce.in/members/buycreditsnow/to find more details about How can I buy credits?

  • How much does your email validation service cost?

  • You can find our pricing plan hereto find more details about URL. This page offers you a clean and simple calculator for your convenience. The more email addresses you validate, the less you will pay.

  • Do my credits ever expire?

  • No. Never. Whether you purchased them or received them as a bonus, you can use your credits anytime you like, to either validate or score your email list, or to use our Activity Data tool.

  • What if I have very large email lists?

  • If you need to validate very large email lists (5M+), please get in touch. We have many clients who process over 5M+ daily. Please contact us so we can assist you and make sure you're getting the most out of our email cleaning tool.

  • Is there a minimum order size?

  • Yes, the minimum order is 2,000 email validation credits.

  • Where can I find how many credits I have left?

  • You can view your credit balance anytime. Once you log into your account, you can find your balance in blue at the top-right side of the page.

Credit balance display. You will need to complete the registration process and login before you can access the link above.