Thousands of customers around the world enjoy using our email checker. However, email validation is a complex field. A lot goes into ensuring an email address is valid and active, so errors can occur.

We’ve always worked with you to make ZeroBounce better and we continue to value your feedback. Have you noticed anything strange while using our email list cleaning service?

We’d appreciate it if you let us know.

For instance, if we mark an email as"Invalid"and you know it is"Valid,"we would like to know about it.

Also, if you get an unusually high bounce rate – such as higher than 2% – for emails we’ve marked “valid,” we would like to know about that, also.

Please email us at support@zerobounce.in with the SMTP logs. It's very important that we see the actual SMTP Reply, because emails can bounce for many different reasons, including the content of the email you are sending.

We are always trying to improve our algorithms, and we believe we offer the best validation, abuse and spam trap detection, and data append features on the market.

Your feedback and suggestions have been of great help so far, so please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support team.