This is a set of instructions on how to integrate with Marketo. This is to create a webhook within your Marketo environment to get the benefits of ZeroBounce email validation in real-time.

Getting started with Marketo For more documentation about Marketo please take a look at their docs. to find more details about marketo


  • Step 1:
    Go to your Marketo My Dashboard.

    Marketo Dashboard

  • Step 2:
    Click on Admin on the top menu and click on Database Management ➔ Field Management

    Click the admin button on the top right.

    Click on field management

  • Step 3:
    Create a New Custom Field.
    You will need to create custom fields in Marketo to match the API results from the ZeroBounce API.

    Click on new custom field

  • Step 4:
    Fill in the popup form with the appropriate data type in reference to each property found on the ZeroBounce API result.

    Fill out new custom field with appropriate values

  • Step 5:
    Ensure that all of the properties are created by searching for “ZB” in the Fields Management Fields search bar on the right pane.

    Verify that the correct fields have been created on the right