The MailChimp integration service at ZeroBounce allows users to import email addresses from their audiences in MailChimp, utilize our services to validate those emails, and then export the validation results back to MailChimp.

When importing an audience from MailChimp to ZeroBounce using the integration service, only the email address information in the MailChimp audience will be imported. Also, the subscriber’s status in your MailChimp audience needs to be “subscribed”. We do not import any subscribers with statuses of “unsubscribed”, “cleaned”, or “pending”.

Only the audiences imported from MailChimp will be able to export the validation results back to MailChimp. When exporting the validation results, instead of creating a new audience at MailChimp, we only tag each subscriber in the audience using the validation results. Seven tag names based on the validation status are used. They are ZB_Valid, ZB_Invalid, ZB_Abuse, ZB_Spamtrap, ZB_DoNotMail, ZB_Unknow, and ZB_CatchAll. We recommend filtering your MailChimp audience by tag name ZB_Valid only before sending out your campaign.

To use this integration service, you need a valid MailChimp account first. You will be prompted to enter your MailChimp Username and Password when you use the service. We integrated our platform with MailChimp using OAuth2 for authorization. OAuth2 is a secure process that allows our application to access MailChimp without passing user credentials. As your security is our priority at ZeroBounce, we do not store your MailChimp Username and Password; the access token issued by MailChimp will be destroyed after you close the browser or log off from our website.

The following is an example on how to use the MailChimp integration service.


You must have a valid MailChimp account with appropriate access to your Contacts and Lists.

MailChimp lists page

  • Step 1:
    Go to and login with your ZeroBounce account. After that go on the menu on left and click Integrations.

    ZeroBounce Dashboard

  • Step 2:
    On the Integrations page select MailChimp from the Integration List. It is on our Official panel.

    ZeroBounce Integrations Dashboard

  • Step 3:
    Click Connect to redirect to MailChimp's authentication site.

    Redirect pop-up modal

  • Step 4:
    On the MailChimp Sign In page you will enter your MailChimp email address and password to login.

    MailChimp login page

  • Step 5:
    Once you enter your username and password and hit login you may be asked to Allow access. Simply click on Allow.

    Allow Access

  • Step 6:
    Once you have authorized access ZeroBounce will gather all of your email addresses for the account you selected during the authorization process.

    Choose one or more lists to validate/score. Click the validate or score button to start the process. Depending on how many emails you have to process it could take a few minutes to pull the lists and add them to our processing queue.

    Note: The results of the validation and scoring are automatically exported to the integration they originated from.

    After successful integration, you will be able to view your lists in your ZeroBounce Dashboard.

    There is also the possibility to share your contacts between integrations, schedule scoring and validation or monitor your contacts to validate any new contact automatically. To learn more about this, check out this dedicated page: Integrations Contacts Monitoring, Scheduling and Sharing.

  • Step 7:
    You will be taken to the Email Validation Results page which will show the list you selected in queue.

    Email Validation results page

  • Step 8:
    Once your list has completed processing you should receive an email notification and you will see that the Download button will appear.
    Note: The results of the validation and scoring are automatically exported to the integration they originated from.

    Status: Completed