Need detailed info about your email validation API usage? You’ll find it in your API dashboard.

Your API Dashboard is located in your account off the left-hand menu. Every-time you make a call to the API, it will record the email validation results. This way, you can quickly see a big picture overview of your credits usage and your results. No emails are saved, just a count of the results.

In the API Dashboard, as seen above, you will have a drop-down the drill into the details of the invalids, do not mail, and unknown status codes. Also, you will be able to graph by daily or monthly trends to get a more in-depth look into your email validations. This gives you a better perspective on how ZeroBounce has helped improve your email list.

In the above image, I clicked on the status I didn't want to show, leaving just the trend of the invalids. To get further details about the invalid results, change the menu on top to “Invalids by Sub_Status.”

Now you can see the sub_status breakdown of the "Invalids" emails. It's a very powerful tool that allows you to see usage summary by day, months, and even years, with a visual representation of the health of the emails you are passing through the API.